Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This One was stuck in my head.

So i'll let it out.


Ahhhh. (: good to feel refreshed in lemonade.

I said hey babe, take a walk on the wildside.

I want to see this movie. like very badly. i have to admit that i snatched this idea and photo off ""

Hair <3

We <3>
Here is a song o show our love for hair.

Without hair, 
Life is like the seasons with no summer!
Without hair, 
Life is rock and roll without a drummer!
Hair i'll always be your loves, without hairrrrrrrrr
Baby ill never be freeee.

LOVE YOU. xoxo


(look at me, i'm so cool, i wear denim leggings.)

Polaroids Mother Efffersss

ok one of the many reasons why you should be green and clean and save the world is beacuse of polaroid cameras. Think about it. If the whole wide world looks like a pile of impala droppings, what would you take polaroid pictures of?
Just a thought to the day my friends.
think of fish while your at it.
They are cool beans.

Ze Barbie Dollsssss

Okay so here's the dealiooo.
Recently some people in the 'top secret' have been wearing make up. 12 year olds. COME ON.Almost the whole population which has been left manless due to the fact the guys are gone, are constantly wearing tons of eyeliner and crap. Some have even resorted to foundation. Um hello it just gives you more pimples! Oh what a quincidence! There all blonde! (Except one but you get the point).